My name is James Cunningham

Hello everyone, I am James Cunningham. I am in the Navy stationed out here at Naval Air Facility EL Centro. I am the Co-President of the EL Centro MX/Off-road Club. The club is for all military, active, reserve, retired and dependents. We have it here to give military off roaders and their families a safe and fun environment to share the off road enthusiasm. I really enjoy volunteering for DRIVE Racing. Doug, Brian and the rest of the DRIVE crew have been great to us military! We really appreciate all the support guys!


"Pinky Poodle"
Welcome and thank you for your service to our country. Please let your club know that the Viewfinders Grand Prix, first weekend of October gives all ACTIVE duty military with ID a free race entry for Unclassified.

If you would like more information, please feel free to drop me a PM (private message).


I will definitely let everyone know! I dont know if any of us will be able to make it due to the fact of Ridgecrest is about 3 hours away. Thank you for your support!
We do our best! Thank you for your support! By the way, I read one of your posts about those volunteers in the wash at the ORW Grand Prix that were jumping up and down and pumping their fists. Well that was myself and 4 other of my buddies at Road Crossing 2, who are all out here in the Navy. Even though it is hot as hell outside off road racing is what we love and we all get like little kids when we are around it!