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Hello everybody! I recently setup an account and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Josh, and I wheel a Lexus GX470. I have been building the GX for just over 2 years now, and it started out as a new home for some "donor" FJ Cruiser parts after a traffic accident totaled it out.

Just two quick years later, I managed to take the truck from a cream puff stock truck to what it is today. Here is a quick rundown of what I have done to the truck so far.
  • Total Chaos +3.5" 4WD Race series Long Travel front kit
  • King 2.5" Primary shocks w/ adjusters, with 3 tube bypass secondaries
  • First set of McQueen Prototype Design Front Fiberglass fenders to ever be produced (2" over stock, built for my old +2" TC' kit.
  • 10" rear King 3.0"s with adjusters, with aftermarket arms and timbren bumps.
  • 9.5" Diamond axle in the rear, with an ARB locker and Nitro 4.56's
  • Harrop front E-locker with Nitro 4.56's
  • Demello Off-road Front bumper (first for a GX)
  • Baja Designs XL80 lights mounted to the bumper (5x)
  • Maxxis Razr MT's (35x12.5 17)
  • Walker Evans Racing Beadlocks
  • Southern Style offroad Rear bumper (tire carrier, formerly with fuel can mount and TRED ramp mount).
  • Demello Off-Road Rock Sliders
  • A bunch of other crap that probaly doesn't need to get mentioned here...
I daily drive the truck and beat it up in the desert (and mountains) as much as I can. I have no regrets about this thing, and recommend it to anybody who wants a V8 powered Toyota 4WD. I built the truck as a "jack of all trades, master of none" type of vehicle, but it does have its issues. The rear tire carrier for example is being a real pain in the ass, so thats why I descided to join RDC today, to try and find some ideas on how to build a better stronger rear tire carrier for this truck. The one on the truck REALLY hates desert wheeling, ESPECIALLY when I push the truck through the whoops at speed.

If anybody has some ideas on what I can do to build a stout rear tire carrier, i'm all ears!

Here are a few shots of my GX: