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My name is Matt

I Got into desert racing through some long time friends of my father, Started out going to glamis when i was younger and we would make about 25 trips a season out to the dunes. Now eleven years later am into desert racing. After going to glamis so much i needed something more, so i built a full desert worthy suzuki ltz400 quad, did all the engine work to make it a 450, long travel suspension all the way around, literally everything to make it fast the the desert world. Now after building it all the mfg. came out with the outta box 450 quads, which in a drag race a piped suzuki ltr 450 quad can out pull my fully built ltz... that was a downer after all my time and money. So now im in pursuit of building the prerunner truck of my dreams without the thought of have the best truck around cause there is always someone or something better.
Ive chased and pitted for class 12/ class 9 for a few different teams that are local and for friends. I hope to gain some more knowledge from this site and stay current with the desert scene because early May i lost my job due to another company going out of business. I did operate heavy equipment and maintain machinery. So therefore no income = no desert jajaja, so i would just like to stay updated with the desert. Well i thinks that enough about me haha.


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Re: My name is... Robby Gordon

Hi Claus

I feel that i need to reply to some of the comments

How have you been?