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My new 2017 Ford F350 Lariat FX4 from Sunrise Ford


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Well as most of you know I have been running the same 1999 Ford F250 7.3 PSD since before I launched UTVUnderground.com. At 288K miles the old girls still runs like a top. It has been to Baja more times than I cancount, a million trips between Vegas and Southern California, Moab 5 times, and all over the southwest mostly with a trailer behind it. The old girl has never left me stranded on the side of the road and I credit a lot of that to some awesome Ford friends who have helped me stay on top of maintenance and tweak out on details to improve it and keep it looking fresh.

While I will forever love and keep the old seven-three, it was time to step up, mainly out of want and necessity.Recently we acquired our new 2018 Attitude 39CR toy hauler / fifth-wheel and while the old seven-three could and would pull it down the road, trying to climb any of these grades leaving Southern California would surely prove to be a major task. Beyond that, as she approaches 300K, I just don't have the confidence in doing any really long cross-country type road trips with a full load behind it. Lastly, the ergonomics in the old girl are light years from what the new trucks are.


With a new big dog trailer, a full travel schedule on the plate in 2017 and a desire to finally upgrade to a new vehicle we began our search. While I am a Ford guy through and through, I did explore the other brands. I looked at Chevy and Dodge closely and I must say, all the new trucks being built today are nice and have their own huge positiveswith very little downside. Of course Chevy, Ford and Dodge guys will all tell you why their brand of choice rules and the others suck, but the reality is, all these trucks are bad ass. With that said, my heart was desiring a new Ford. Luckily for me, this job has provided me with contacts all over the motorsports and automotive world. A good friend introduced me to Bobby Williams at Sunrise Ford, from there it was on!!

Bobby and I spoke over the phone about what my needs and wants were, we spoke about Sunrise Ford and UTVUnderground and quickly came to the conclusion that together we could do some really cool stuff, beyondputting me behind the wheel of a killer new truck. Another meeting was had with Bobby and the owners of Sunrise Ford and before you knew it we were picking out a new truck and building a plan on how we could integrate Sunrise Ford into the UTV world via UTVUnderground.com. It would be an easy transition, everyone I met at Sunrise Ford was either an off-road enthusiast, motorsports enthusiast, UTV enthusiast or all of the above. As fans of UTVUnderground.com they were just as excited to join the site as I was about driving home a new truck. Whatresulted was me picking out a new 2017 Ford F350 Lariat FX4 and Sunrise Ford committing to joining the UTVUnderground.com and extending the same amazing service and pricing to all of you, members, readers and followers of UTVUG!


Before I tell you about my new truck, I want you to all know that it will be very easy for you to not only get anamazing price, but just as good as that will be an amazing experience with experienced and high ranking players at Sunrise Ford. By contacting the guys below and mentioning that you are a member of UTVUnderground.com you will get priority service, special pricing and just a great overall experience!!


Bobby Williams is a 19 year veteran of Sunrise Ford. Bobby is Director of Fleet Sales, owns a RZR and a Funcosand rail. He lives the same lifestyle as us and as one of the top employees in the company, has the juice to make your experience buying a new truck or car seamless and painless. He is the kind of guy you usually are hoping to meet or speak with at a dealership as he can cut the BS and make the calls without jumping through hoops with shot-callers above him.

You can contact Bobby directly by emailing him at bwilliams@sunriseford.com or you can call Sunrise Ford and ask for him by name.


Working alongside Bobby is another great dude, Matt Charland. Matt is Commercial Account Manager and is a 15 year veteran of Sunrise Ford. Matt and Bobby work hand in hand both at the dealership but outside of work aregreat friends. Matt actually is the guy who got Bobby and the owners of Sunrise into going to the dunes and playing in the desert so he also is one of us, an off-road guy who loves trucks and having a good time. Matt started as a wrench in the service department and worked his way up to his current position in sales. He has owned everyversion of the Super Duty and can tell you more about every single engine, power-train and detail surrounding the Ford line of trucks then you could ever want. He probably has forgotten more about these trucks then you or I will ever know and one conversation with him will prove me correct.

You can contact Matt directly by emailing him at mcharland@sunriseford.com or you can call Sunrise Ford and ask for him by name.


Now to the fun stuff!! We needed a big truck, but I didn't want a dually. I do a lot of running around in Baja and other areas more local that would make diving a dually around a PITA! So I knew I wanted a diesel powered, 4x4, F350single rear wheel (SRW) long bed. What I wasn't set on was trim package, color or options but I was hoping to be able to go all-in. Well, I went all in!

After looking at options with Bobby and Matt, we found a 2017 F350 Lariat that had everything I needed plus one of the nicest trim packages you could ever want in a truck. My 99 F250 is a Lariat, but its not like this Lariat! This truck has everything and while I will save all of the specs and details for the feature vehicle story we plan to drop soon, I will tell you this truck is like a space ship.

You can see more about the truck here: 2017 Ford Super Duty F-350 Lariat | View All Options | Ford.com


I couldn't be more excited to have a new truck. Every time I drive it I discover something new. The other night I was driving at night for the first time and learned that the brights will turn on and off by itself. It has 7 cameras that provide you with a full top 360 view when backing up in addition to the standard back up camera. The truck haslights everywhere and you can change the interior lights to just about any color you want. The front seats are both air conditioned and heated while the rear seats also have heaters in them. The voice activation is super cool, allowing you to tell the truck what temp to set the climate at, who to call, what destination you want to set thenavigation too or what station to turn too on sirius, radio or ipod. The control center also connects to your smart phone via Ford Sync 3 technology and will actually display your phones apps right on the trucks large touch screen.

Outside of the bells and whistles which include a power opening rear tailgate, the power-train is where its at!! The Ford 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel has 460hp and 925ft.lbs of torque! At just under 1000 lbs of torque what more couldyou want to yank a fully loaded trailer around!! On top of that it has a 5 year 100K mile warranty on the power-train. The truck also has massive disc brakes at all four corners, an exhaust brake to be used when towing, and downhill decent control which will allow you to maintain a consistent speed under 20mph no matter the load you have on the truck.


To conclude, this truck is bad ass. It looks good, drives like dream and has all the amenities of a high-end vehicle. Not only will we be using the heck out of this rig, we also plan to build it up. On deck for the new truck is a set of 20" Walker Evans Racing wheels, a set of 35" tires, a KORE Performance suspension leveling kit, lighting, and more. We will keep you up to date on our mods as well as how the truck is performing for us. We have no doubt this truck is going to be amazing!

Take advantage of the UTVUnderground deal at Sunrise Ford. Whether you need service at their service department which is open 7 days a week and has same day diagnostic services, or you want to purchase a new or used truck or car, contact Bobby and/or Matt at Sunrise Ford and give them a shot, we promise you won't be disappointed!

Bobby Williams - bwilliams@sunriseford.com
Matt Charland - mcharland@sunriseford.com
Sunrise Ford - www.SunriseFord.com



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Bought my '01 excursion (still pulling a travel trailer) new from Bobby Williams at Sunrise. I live 700 miles away, A phone call then 2 faxes and it was done. He picked me up at the airport, drove me to the dealership and 45 minutes later I was out the door. Looks like nothing has changed over there!


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Bought my '01 excursion (still pulling a travel trailer) new from Bobby Williams at Sunrise. I live 700 miles away, A phone call then 2 faxes and it was done. He picked me up at the airport, drove me to the dealership and 45 minutes later I was out the door. Looks like nothing has changed over there!
Same old bad ass dude!!