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My new Mid-Travel kit! Video Included

I just wanted to show off my new Solomotorsports front mid-travel kit and get peoples opinion on the truck. I have 31 inch tires right now, would the truck look better with 33's or should I just keep the 31's? I was thinking of upgrading to 33 inch BFG All Terrain ko2's.

Feel free to give me tips and wisdom that you've learned over the years of offroading. I want to keep myself, my truck, and other drivers safe when I am behind the wheel. I don't really have any experience offroading so anything will be considered helpful, and thank you in advance to everyone!

I also included a video of me at least attempting to jump it for the first time for your viewing pleasure so hopefully it plays. I don't think the front wheels made it fully off the ground but you can at least see the travel that it has gained.

I've already driven the truck about as hard as I am able to with the new suspension, it performs very well and does exactly what I expected. The truck does ride stiffer than stock at low speeds, but going about 45 MPH or higher and this thing eats up everything all the terrain I have seen so far. I live in Eastern WA during most of the year going to school where there is no shortage of country dirt and gravel back roads, and I'm only a couple hours drive from the Moses Lake sand dunes as well as other random sandy areas, I can't wait to get out there this summer and test my baby out!

Solomotorsports front mid-travel kit
Rear Deaver f31 leaf springs
Fox Remote Reservoir 2.0's all around
Has around 12 inches of front travel claimed by Solomotorsports
and my guess would be about 10 inches for the rear
1995 Ford Ranger: $4100
Mid-travel kit(includes front and rear): $3400
Cost of installation: $1800
Cost of me breaking stuff: TBD


jon coleman

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limiter straps!, you be jumpin', you be yankin'.w- out straps puts shocks in that position & it beats em up .old seat belts work in a pinch to limmit droop.
limiter straps!, you be jumpin', you be yankin'.w- out straps puts shocks in that position & it beats em up .old seat belts work in a pinch to limmit droop.
Thank you, I was thinking if limit straps but wasn't sure. If you have 12 inches of travel do you get 12 inch limit straps? Or do you get shorter straps like 11inch straps?

jon coleman

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jack up, stands under frame, droop out suspension All the way( shocks top out, this is wear you can get creative w- old seat belts, or any strap material, old ratchet strap, ect, mesure, travel, then floor jack up1"& a half, put strap around frame& axel, rear, spring bucket i beam frnt.be creative, watch brake lines& steering components, zipp ties and duct tape.thats for cheap racers, limmit travel should be an inch shorter,12 inch travel, set at eleven inch.The travel, not the strap.u can use a 3 foot strap if u wanted , your just holding up suspension from droping down. min.straight pull, also depends on number of layers of strap.u can also make adjustable w- clevis bolt.also be safe under jacked up car.straps Will stretch, so u might think u got it, & then, Pop, shocks go boom.u can jump a little bitt w out em but dont go robbie gordon.when drooping rear make sure its All the way drooped, leafs can be stickey.strap can be any lenghth Over total travel.longer is usually better, more 'settle in' stretch, and mount as ' up& down' as possible.dont lay them over like shocks.last , some cool vids out there showing rear suspension of race trucks through the woops at speed w limmit straps getting punished, give idea what they do.last thing , for real, BE SAFE.when under any jacked up vehicle!!!!
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Crusty Shellback

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#1, watch teh resivour on the front shock when you turn the wheels and make sure they do not rub at any time. Might need to relocate theresi.
#2. you can revalve the shocks so that they are softer for the first few inchs of travel, that will soften up the harsh ride you have when going slow or over street roads.
#3. If you go to taller tires, you will gain ground clearance. But you will also need to change gear raitos to account for it. Othewise you will probaly slow down because the motor can't pull the taller tires. Check here for more info. Crawlpeida.com. They have several caluclators to determine tires/gears/RPMs. You want to try and match the original tire/gear raitos as stock. Unless of course you have built up the motor with more torque.