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My Poor, Defensless Truck...


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So I'm sitting at the computer this afternoon trying to get the Crandon photos up when someone knocks on the door. It's the next-door-neighbor and she's frantic. She is out of breath and says something about an accident. I think, "Oh no, she got hit and she needs help," but then I realize she's saying SHE hit MY truck, which was parked in the driveway. So I run out there and sure enough there's this big old Suburban backed up into my driver's side door. Apparently she got out of the truck to get her mail and left it running with her 2 year old kid out of the carseat and he put it in reverse. It did a big U-turn and somehow cleared our gate to slam right into the side of my truck. It looks terrible...the door is all smashed in and the bottom of the cab is all bent and the bedside's dented too. Oh and the B-pillar is banged up as well. She's very lucky because we get some semi's hauling oranges from the grove down the street and they go reallllly fast and he could have easily been smashed by one of those. That doesn't mean I'm not really bummed though. And that Weekend of Wheels in Laughlin is this weekend and if my truck wouldn't have won any beauty contests before it certainly won't now. You can make me feel better by calling and saying you will enter YOUR truck in the show. Seriously. It's going to be fun. Please.

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Sorry to hear about your truck. Take some photos of wow, we can't make it. last weekend to get ready for primm.