NAFRA - North American Free Racing Agreement.

Break down the borders!

Our 1/2-1600 Baja Brothers once again showed their great racing skills with First and Second Place finishes at the Baja 500 and last years Baja 1000.

It is time to see where the best 1/2-1600 teams come from.

I am suggesting a two race "Shootout", one of theirs and one of ours.

The CODE JACUME LAZO DE LA AMISTAD GRAN PRIX sponsored by ORW is August 1st right along the border in Jacume, BC. It is a two heat race, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, with best combined time taking the win.

The DRIVE Off-Road Racing September 19th race is going to be a similar two heat race. This is also a Pro1600 race, so the best will be there. Details will be anounced next week from what I hear.

Here is the idea:
Two races, four heats, best combined time - NAFRA!:D:D:D

P.s. Do any other classes want to get in on the action?