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Interesting article in the August 2001 issue of National Geographic on the history of open lands in our country. Also the formation of the BLM and the management of the open lands in the past, present and future. BLM and it's predasesors originally were mandated to organize and facilitate commerce (i.e. mining, ranching, cattle grazing etc.) and other use's of the lands. An ominous line at the end of the article states "There's a new team running the BLM and the Department of Interior, and their views about land use in the West do not reflect the thinking of those who preceded them." Hmmmm.


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Thanks for letting us know about that - and its probably a good thing that the thinking of this admin is not the same as the last. The only thing is we have to make sure we don't go from one extreme to another - that is just as scary.

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you mean that finally made it to print? both the blm and the forest service have stepped way out of their original mission statements to ensure they have a future funding mechanism and need. since politicians want to be re-elected, they will say and do whatever it takes to do that, even if that means whoring out legislative law, constitutional interpretation, and federal agencies. lets hope the bastards that are in place as part of the plan of the 60's will be seeing the door soon.

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