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Need advice on my new built truck


Hi everyone i am new to the forum and was looking for an advice since all of this is kind of new to me and i am learning .. i have a 2016 gmc sierra that i am building for medium off-road cruising and occasional intense driving mainly in sands .. equipped with method wheels and cooper tires .. profender 2.5 overcoils .. total chaos upper control arm .. and after installing these i decided to widen the body with baja designs fenders.. now the wheels look as a muscular guy that skips his legs day.. ( narrow ) tried a size 40 wheel spacer but its not enough.. i dont know much about wheels and tire sizes and i dont know what options i have to widen my wheels as most prerunners.. all i really know is spacers .. please help .. will upload more pictures if needed but right now i only have 15DA93549-329B-4997-A3A9-5D846EE7CAF8.jpeg38C389E7-6C2A-46CF-8692-6085D52BB296.jpegE28CFC43-EAFA-4E03-824E-158D83206CE7.jpeg
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Ty Owings

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you need uppers lowers and spindles to get the correct width. it will be close to impossible to get that without them.


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You're going to want to look for a long travel kit to get the width you need to fill those fenders.

Here is one for $3300 and your suspension will work much better.


What is the width and offset of the wheel you are running?



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have you ever seen those guys on the side of the road w a broken ball joint on their lifted trucks ? The trucks w the huge offset wheels . Don't be that guy it is a dangerous way to go for all in your path.
Right now your offset is 0 mm, 8.5" is the rim width.


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Wheel spacers and way offset rims are the worst thing you can do. They will make your truck handle like **** and wear out parts 10X as quick.