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Need advise on rear end....Please


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I've searched, I'm so confused. Have an 04 Chevy 1500 w/ 10 rear, stock motor. Want to upgrade the rear end, but keep the 6 lug, and do it on the lowest budget possible. I've read the 14 bolt FF can be found cheap, but how do you convert to 6 lug, same question on a 9", or any other suggestions you guys may have. I read that Ramsey had a 14 bolt with 6 lug, HELP!


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I broke about 4 ten bolts in my half ton Chevy. Called Currie put in a nice ford 9 inch with disc brakes and told them it was for a Chevy so it came with the six bolt pattern Might not be cheap but was easy Have one of the best rear ends And no new wheels to buy or try to match.

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