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So my truck has always had what I consider to be Marginal brakes. I run CNC 6 pistons on the rear and Wilwood 6 pistons on the front. I'm aware that they are not the best money can buy but they are what I have nonetheless.

Recently I purchased a Jamar pedal assembly that came with new masters. They are 1" Jamar masters.

Before this new pedal assembly I would always pump the brakes a little after a long straight just to make sure the pedal was there. This new Jamar Pedal was my attempt to improve what i had and maybe keep a firm pedal without the pump. Having to pump the brakes diminishes my confidence to say the least.

New pedal in. Initially bleeding is a snap. Pedal feels great in the shop, get to desert and everything goes soft.

We bleed several times and adjust the balance bar. I'm able to get the rear to lock up easy but the front isn't going well. When the pedal is there the brakes seem great, perhaps better than ever but after a long stretch of bumps its not there.

Hubs are straight, we used a dial indicator to check.

Hubs are torqued to 300 ft. Lbs.

We tested the pressure at the calipers and its 1200 plus.

I'm lost, any ideas?


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New Jamar brakes worked great. I believe the issue was too much PSI for the old wilwood.


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sounded like lack of residual valves. if new calipers fixed it then perhaps the pads don't walk away as easily on the new calipers.

J Burleson

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Did new calipers and hats go on too when you switched to Jamar? It seems as though there has got to be some magical combo of spindle/hub/rotor/hat/caliper that minimizes or eliminates pad knock back.