Need help fast! Mikuni carb question


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I need some help. I'm leaving for Lovelock to do a race tomorrow, and I found a problem with my truck.

I've got dual Mikuni 44s on a Ford 2.3L, and they've always been great. I now have a problem where the #2 cylinder does not idle at all. No matter what I do to the mixture screw, it doesn't change anything. When I remove the mixture screw and block off the hole half way with my thumb, it idles perfectly. I have blown B12 and air through every possible hole, and even stuck a guitar string through the ones on the idle circuit and it still does it.

Can't find a vacuum leak.
Yes, they're synched, and I don't know what else to do besides rebuild the carb (not enough time) or run it.

Any suggestions?
Respond here or call me at (408) 738-1880 if you can help. Thanks!

Billy Manfroy