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Need help identifying intercom


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I have this 4 place intercom installed in a car I purchased. It works great!! It has 2 knobs, one controls front volume and one for back volume. It uses aviation amplified mics (M-101/a). I think PCI makes it because it looks like one of the 2 place units, but im not sure.

The only issue I have is I can not hear myself (or anyone in car via headsets) when I or copilot uses PTT, other cars hear us fine via radio. Just gets confusing if your copilot PTT a question you didnt hear and get a replay back via radio... I read this is called sidetone and avation VHF radios produce the sidetone(audio back) to verify your radio did transmit. I also read that most intercoms have a easy fix to have intercom produce sidetone.

Any help would be appreciated


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that looks like an early AvComm. later Avcom radios were rebranded and sold by many off road companies. AvCom went out of business a while back so I think you may be out of luck getting any information to modify your. the good news is there are many 4 channel intercoms out there today that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Michael Cohen

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That is either a Comp Comm or PCI unit. It does not have sidetone feature which keeps you from hearing yourself talk in an effort to keep the background noise magnified through your comms. If you need support for it, I am sure Mark at PCI can get you taken care of. Good Luck & Enjoy!