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Need help with ecotec E67 2.2 dead pedal - Alpha Fab won't help...

Bought system from Alpha Fab, talked & emailed with Shaun was "sending" a new computer. Never showed up, now won't respond. This has been going on 4 months...

Long story short I get a dead throttle pedal upon acceleration under load.
I have a coil on plug 2.2, E67 ECM with DBW pedal
VIN is from '07 Saturn ION that ran the E67
Codes that are always there are P0102, P0650 & I get P0606 when the pedal goes dead. Take battery cable off it will reset, but just happens again
I have a copy of the tune from EFI Live

I've been told the ECM could be bad, tune could be shot, etc. Anyone able to help?


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What he said...^^^^ call Danzio and let them get you set up with a system that works.


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It's better to have a running car with a reputable company that you can reach out to for help.

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Zac Reish

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I had a humphries harness and got very good service out of it. It was a MEFI It worked perfect for many years even survived a car fire. However after about 7 years and 1000's of hard miles little things started happening but very seldom to where it wasn't a big deal. It slowly happened more often to the point I wanted to fix the issue. At that point you are screwed. And there is no direct way to diagnose and pinpoint the issue without throwing hours at it and changing parts and connectors out. This got old. The harness and ecu have a lifespan and can only take so much heat, cold, and violent vibration.

I then went to a danzio harness and life ecu. I have to admit I was apprehensive to deal with danzio because people said they don't answer phone, return calls, etc. unless you were spending big bucks with them. I'm nobody in this sport and race a class 5 car which no one cares about, and in addition I'm on a limited budget. And I can tell you dealing with them was the opposite of what I had previously heard or expected. It was a pleasure, they took the time to point out issues I could potentially have while navigating the install, helped my wiring guy via phone, and id'd future problems I could have, as well as making recommendations for increased reliability along the way and at no time were seemingly trying to push me to go through them. Not only that but It was always effortless to get someone on the phone who could help me. From start to finish Danzio was perfect. And since my car and performance has been top notch.

Also right before I was leaving for the baja 1000 pre run I could not get my car to fire. I tried everything I could think of (which is very little) to figure out the issue. and this was literally the day before I was leaving. Called them on the phone. They answered, and no joke said "hey zac how is it going". I can't remember who I was talking to but he knew right away what to do, I did it and my car was running again. He said if it was a bigger problem we'll remotely attach to the ecu to extract data to trouble shoot it. You can't beat that and I don't think you can beat the service I experienced with Danzio. No I'm not sponsored or paid to say this but I'm happy and will recommend them.

Good luck
If you are running a g.m. ecu I like h.p. tuners. Fairly easy to add/delete functions from the ecu. There are many tunes available for download and the guys on their forum have been extremely helpful. Easy to change and adjust tunes as long as you have the knowledge and ability to do so for yourself. I've used it to get rid of the DoD on my trailblazer after doing a cam swap. And also to tune a ls Swapped Honda s2k with turbo and water/meth injection that I helped build for a guy in Dubai who wanted to hunt lambos and Ferraris. The initial use of the program was a little daunting but not impossible to figure out in short time. 750 bucks well spent. The 650 code makes sense. Since you don't have a check engine light I assume. But based on the other codes I would be chasing out a short in your harness or a pin in the wrong location at the pcm connector. The p0606 code leads me to believe that your harness has issues. I would verify that before putting another pcm in the car. The harness could be what killed the pcm. Fix the harness first. Could just be a backed out pin or broken wire.
p0102 should be a mass air flow code....faulty sensor or wiring.
p0650 is a malfunction indicator lamp issue...and since you don't have a check engine light......you will always have this.
p0606 is internal hardware failure in the computer. lots of this could casue this most serious being a faulty ECU


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Good luck with Alpha Fab. I had the same issues. There are a few connectors that can be swapped. Make sure everything is plugged into the correct sensor. Also 2 different map sensors. My harness from Alpha had the pins at the MAP sensor swapped.
Good luck with Alpha Fab. I had the same issues. There are a few connectors that can be swapped. Make sure everything is plugged into the correct sensor. Also 2 different map sensors. My harness from Alpha had the pins at the MAP sensor swapped.
You had the same issue with dead pedal? or just issues in general with them?
mine is speed density using IAT inlieu of MAF as I understand it. The motor will rev out if I push the pedal very slowly. It seems to do it when the engine goes under load, but if you apply pedal slow it will rev out
The pcm set a code for mass air based on your listed codes. I would bet that the pcm wants that signal. Sounds like your car needs to go to a tuner who can see what signals the pcm has/wants. And who can either make the required changes or program a different pcm for you. Dose BMW service in el Cajon or cartune in San Diego both have dynos and the ability to make the required changes. I know Steve dose works on quite a few off road cars.


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Danzio also has a Dyno and they are very good at tuning those motors. You also do not have to have their life ECM's for them to tune your car.

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The rate at which the throttle plates open v.s. pedal input is also adjustable. Meaning you can have a linear curve or a rising or descending rate. So the more I think about it the more variables come into play. Diagnosing your problem will take some time to eliminate the variables. I would guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 to 10 hours of diagnosis just to check the harness and eliminate the variables there and then whatever the tuning takes. Danzio, turnkey or dose. Probably doesn't matter. Find a shop familiar with the needs of that combo.
I have a couple guys at EFI live forums looking at the tune now, and a couple calls to make. After that it'll pobably go to the dyno. I'm in AZ otherwise I would look those guys up

J Burleson

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Danzio FTMFW! I have literally PERSONALLY spent $0 with them, only dealt with them a few times for others cars, but John will always answer any questions quickly, and Chris will give you more information than you need to know! The LIFE setup is tits and isn’t cheap, but nothing bad ass ever is! Oh yea, they also build a killer cheater ecotec. Lol


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You had the same issue with dead pedal? or just issues in general with them?
Yes dead pedal. I had multiple issues with Alpha. Harness was a joke, and the ECM I bought that was to be tuned for a turbo, had a bone stock tune in it. My issues ended up being wires swapped at the MAP sensor causing issues with the throttle body. I believe they share the same reference signal.