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Need help with front coilovers

I just purchased a ranger to build up this will be my first build and have questions about the front coilovers. The truck currently sits high in the front with the limit straps almost at there limit. I dont know if this was the look the kid was going for that had it before me. The front coil overs are 10" dual rate Sway away race runner with the top spring 8" 350 pounds and the bottom spring 14" 450 pounds i would like the truck to sit about 4 inches lower. The truck has alot of positive camber how it sits. i need advice on what to do to lower the front end down.



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Measuring down from the top cap is not what the pre load is. Get the truck in the air and back off the adjuster until there is no tension on the top spring, that is your zero preload measurement.

Your spring divider is sitting on the crossover ring, which means you are not even using the top spring. That being said, 450 is on the heavy side for a Ranger.
Ok ill remove the limit straps the lift the truck off the ground back off the top adjuster so there is no tension on the top spring then do i drop the truck back down and check