Need insurance help


Long story very short:

Purchased used car from dealer. Got GE drivetrain insurance with it. 40 miles into ownership automatic transmission fails. VW dealership estimates exchange of new transmission to be in $5k range. GE denies claims because it is a "pre existing condition". Take car to independent transmission repair shop. They rebuild it at the cost of $3k2. GE insurance still refuses to pay for it.

What organization oversees CA insurances that I can contact to seek help on my claim?
What are my chances on getting reimbursed for my repair expense?


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Pre existing condition? That is pretty lame....everything has a preexisting condition on the failure of a mechanical component. Were you aware of it? Seems your best bet is to get your money back from the dealer who sold you a car with a Preexisting condition.


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Do you have a friend who is an attorney? I would recommend having him write a letter on letterhead demanding payment.

How would they know if it was preexisting? It's a bunch of smoke. They figure if they make you jump hoops they won't have to pay.

Unfortunately you are dealing with GE. We are in the appliance business and hear that kind of stuff from customers who have problems with them all the time.


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You mean the same GE that does business with Iran still???


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Have you tried the lot you bought it from? or as Shaggy mention, California Department of Insurance would be one if not your only option other then an attorney.

Does California have a time frame in which you can return something like this. Is there a load on the vehicle with a ban you trusted, maybe they have some ability to help or stop your financing



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These "warrentys" are a drag for mechanics and the buyer. Dealers recieve commission for selling them and use them to give the buyer a sense of security. any breakdown that happens right away is not covered. It is between you and the seller. It sucks like all forms of insurance.