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Im doing some vinyl signage for a friends MX trailer.

Does anyone have the 'new" Oakley logo in an .EPS or .ai format. I need to convert to outlines.

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do you have a jpeg or a web site that has the logo. I have some, but I do not know if it is the "new" one or not. the ones I saw on were to hard to see.


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Try picking up a brochure from one of those sunglass huts. If not let me know, I live ten minutes from the Oakley building. I might be able to get up there.

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If the logo is going to be used on the trailer of an Oakley sponsored rider, Oakley can e-mail you the correct logo. He wants it in a format that won't degrade as it gets larger - something you can't get from a brochure or a scanned image - it's gotta be original stuff. If worse came to worse I'm sure I could draw it in Corel or ??? and send it to you.



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Actually he isnt sponsered and Oakley is REAL cautious on use of thier logo.

They wont email it at all. copyright stuff etc.

Its ok I traced the jpeg and now have the logo. thanks.