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On Topic Need new Chop Saw


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Need a good chop saw. I remember reading about one on here or another site and someone recommended what was the best type. I found it on Amazon for about $400 but can't remember the name. I've been using a ryobi miter as a chop saw but it finally broke the switch today and I need to cut a bunch of stuff tomorrow. Looking to go buy something tomorrow if possible in Phoenix and not ordered from online.

Baja Bryan

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CTD Mitre saws are the best if you want accurate cuts. Look for a used one. Its the bas that makes them good. I have 3 of them and one was my grandpas that is 50 years old and still works perfect.

blue dog

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X2 on the slugger dry cut 14". I have had it for a year now, awesome. I as well bought the 9" circular saw, Awesome.
Next on my list is the Ellis 1600 miring band saw.



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Grizzy tools has a bandsaw I been wanting to get. I have a 14" Makita chop saw it's lasted 15+ years it's up on a stand and I even made a stop for repeat cuts. I don't use the vise took that off don't need it and is way faster to just hold it with your hand. and i use The Makita wheels they cut the best.

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