Need opinions on possible new vehicles - F150


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Well a few days before christmas I totalled my vehicle and now that I'm back from vacation I need to find a new truck. I'm strongly thinking about a 97-00 F150 4x4 and maybe a silverado (but probly not). The main pupose of this thing is gonna be a daily driver but I wanna be able to take it out and tear some ass and catch a little bit of air here and there. As far as lifting it and putting some 37's and getting some decent suspension travel out of a 4x4 like that, whats out there for it? I cant be laying down the $ to get some custom stuff built so I wanna keep it with the kits and stuff. Do F150's handle decent at high speeds....any common weak spots? What are some of the pros and cons of it too...I dont wanna end up screwin myself over so I figure ask the experts.

Sorry for the stupid newbie questions here....I'm from the rock crawler crowd, little different focus over there.

Thanks guys,

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