Need some help from the rdc familia!


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Oct 17, 2005
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Norco, CA
This week I started a new job working in Phoenix AZ for at least the next year. Right now I’m staying in a hotel in Tempe but I’m searching for a cheaper place to stay. I have access to a 43ft 5th wheel but can’t find anywhere to put it, the snowbirds have come down from up north and clogged up every camp ground in the entire state. I’ve searched craigslist for rooms but just don’t feel super comfortable moving into someone’s house and sharing a bathroom with total strangers.

If anyone here has or knows someone who has a large property I can park a large 5th wheel on (2015 Voltage toy hauler 5th wheel, very nice trailer, not at all an eyesore), or has a back house or something they wouldn’t mind renting out I’d feel much more comfortable renting space from fellow off-roaders/racers. Also, I would only be in town during the week for work Sun-Thur nights on most weeks since my wife and son will still be living in CA for the time being I will be going home to see them on the weekends. The time I’m in town I will be spending as much time as possible working overtime, studying, or attending classes.

If anyone knows anyone or has any ideas that could help me out it would be great!

I have 12+ years of fabricating/mechanical/racing experience so i could help with any off road projects or prep work you might need in my spare time after work.

Thanks! Eric

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