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Oct 22, 2018
Prescott, AZ
Hello all,

Moving away from slow crawling stuff and into more high speed desert stuff. Living in AZ, wide open spaces are plentiful and I've gotten bored with going slow. Used to race motocross back in the day and the speed itch is coming back hard core.

I learned a lot from my time building jeeps, but it's all been solid axle 4x4 tech. I'm totally new to IFS desert trucks and would appreciate some feedback on what I think I know so far.

I really love the OBS Fords and would love to build one out into a badass desert truck. I've been looking into the OBS F250/F350 7.3 power strokes. Beefy FF axles that should survive with 40's, durable long lasting power plants, and great aftermarket support. My plans were to find a 2wd and use an equal length beam kit from Giant Motorsports for the front, and either Giants DDL kit or just leafs/bypasses in the rear until I could get a proper 4 link built.

My real concern with this choice would be front end weight. I think I've read that the 7.3l is in the ballpark of 900 lbs or so. Would some well tuned coilovers/bypasses manage this weight well or would I be making my job much harder than it could be going this route? Or am I worried about something I shouldn't be?

Anyway, thanks in advance for your time and any responses to my noob questions.
Dec 29, 2004
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Buy, don't build, your first desert truck. Pennies on the dollar.


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Apr 2, 2008
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The bigger you go the more expensive it will be. Bigger shocks, tires, bigger axles,etc.

Though the 7.3 is amazing and some big diesel trucks have been built I don't think it's anywhere near ideal. Though it comes with a FF it also comes with alot of weight and TQ to deal with.

I think if you want full-size 3/4 ton truck you'd be better suited with a Super duty. The 5.4 are cheap, lighter weight and put out better power than most of the obs stuff. Giant makes a equal length kit and DD link for them as well.

What are some other want with your build? Most importantly what's your budget and are you set on your own build vs buying done or near done?

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