Need some pointers on chassis

Hello, I just bought Bend-tech Pro and going to start to draw up a design for a Trophy Truck. I was wondering if someone could give me some pointers like wheel base track width and such. Its going to be a mid-engine with a 5.3l vortec and TH400. Just gonna start out as a toy but would like to build the Chassis so it could be raced in time! Any info would be great! Thanks Kyle,


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92" wide 125" - 128" wheelbase.

Wild bill

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1. set your track width and wheel base
2. design front end to minimize bump steep and camber change
3. design 4 link to minimize plunge and squat
4. connect the dots.

Your numbers should allow for 22"-24" front travel and 27"-30" rear travel.


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I believe Wild Bill gave you the best advice you can get.

You can't start building a chassis until all the factors that he mentioned are already set. . .they determine the space your chassis will occupy and where it needs to be so that your suspension members can attach to it and where you need the frame to be for your drivetrain.

RL Detroit

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Just buy a chassis......... these cars cost a ton of money and you really do not want have a second rate frame.


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Purchasing a "ready to run" chassis (truck or buggy) does not necessarily guarantee proper geometry, construction, etc... IMHO, I would set aside worrying about building the chassis until I had a firm grasp of factors which will definately influence your design (you may already be to that point).

Some time ago I was given the advice as to not worry about connecting the pieces of the puzzle together until you have all of the pieces to the puzzle in hand... meaning have all "parts" to the buggy/truck you plan to use in your hands, then start taking measurements and start the design from that point. To date, that has been the best advice I have received.


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DesertGuy 1 is right on re-iterating what WildBill was alluding to. . .

. . .where to start learning this stuff. . .start by reading these books:

Chassis Engineering by Herb Adams
"Engineer to Win" & "Tune to Win" both by Carrol Smith

these books are geared towards asphalt cars, but the concepts are the same and they are great at getting you started off on the right foot. . .you can take what you know already and what you learn through while driving in the dirt to figure out which specifics don't necessarily translate over to the dirt.

Good Luck! If you have the time, patience, and determination you can build your own chassis/suspension/steering. . .just don't get frustrated, don't be afraid to ask questions and be prepared to learn from your mistakes. I am like you in that I would much rather design and make everything I can myself (within reason. . .I don't have a mill/lathe or CNC at this point. . .yet) than buy it. A lot of people on this forum told me not to do a lot of things myself and to just buy it instead and sometimes that is good advice, but I find it much more satisfying to do it myself. . .and so far I haven't been unhappy with anything I have attempted, not to say there wasn't room for improvement or it was perfect but I was happy with it.

So if you wanna do it yourself. . .go for it! and the BendTech Pro is a great piece of software! For the price it simply can't be beat!