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NEFR - David Higgins dominates the field at the 2015 New England Forest Rally


NEWRY, Maine (July 19, 2015) – The unflappable David Higgins faced down a stacked field of top competitors to win the New England Forest Rally this weekend ahead of challenger Ken Block while, in an incredible comeback, Travis Pastrana edged onto the third spot on the podium after a Day 1 electrical failure that many thought spelled the end of his race.

“We came back for the Super Rally with a never-say-die attitude,” said Pastrana. “We always try to win. Everybody here shows up to win, and we believe we can. But I tell you what: David is on fire. His speed, his times, his lack of mistakes… It’s pretty amazing. It’s tough to catch that 75.”

He said he expects to return to the series at the next round of the championship, Ojibwe Forests Rally, to take another shot at beating his teammate in Rally America competition.