Nerfing 101


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Apr 3, 2001
Central Valley, CA
Nerfing 101

With the ongoing discussion regarding JeepSpeed and nerfing, I thought now might be a good time to share what I have learned from nine years as CRB Marshal. This is not intended to be a primer on how to nerf, but rather, how past Competition Review Boards have reacted to specific incidents.

Your mileage will vary.

The typical nerf involves two racers from different classes. The racer initiating the contact desires to pass and feels that the other racer should move out of his way. Seems very reasonable and simple. And then the questions arise:

Was there room for the racer to move over?

Do not expect someone to pull off the course if there is nowhere for them to go. Also, if you have lots of suspension and the other guy is limited you should go around.

Was the other vehicle “at speed” or injured and limping?

If the other guy is limping to the pits you are expected to go around him. However, if your car is injured to the extent that you are endangering the other racers by traveling too slow you should remove yourself from the racecourse.

Were you racing for place or way down and just trying to finish?

This works both ways. If you ain’t racin’, get out of the way! On the other hand, if you aren’t in the race don’t ruin someone else’s race.

After the contact did you allow reasonable time for the other driver to react?

Don’t expect the other racer to react immediately. They should now be looking for an opportunity to move over

After the contact did you back off or stay right on his bumper?

In many cases, due to terrain and such, the other car will have to slow to leave the course. Allow them sufficient room.

In an area with multiple race lines, did you nerf the other vehicle because you wanted the better line?

This never flies with the CRB.

Did you not move over because you didn’t want to be in the other racer’s dust?

The only racer who doesn’t run in the dust is the lucky one who starts first. And his clear air never lasts for more than one lap.


What if it was an accident?

Accidents can and do happen. Most of the abusive nerfing cases I have heard that resulted in major damage to a racecar are simply accidents. If it isn’t clear to the Board that there was wrongdoing on the part of one competitor they will usually dismiss the case. It’s interesting how racers whom are big talkers in the pits or at the bar, swearing to take out anyone who gets in their way all of a sudden become the model of reason when asked to serve on the CRB.

What happens if the protest is upheld?

SCORE rule GP3 (6) & (7) prescribe a one-position penalty for a minor nerf and DQ for a Major nerf. CRB precedent has been that a major nerf is one where the occupant(s) were injured or the vehicle was unable to finish as a direct result of the incident.

Will the CRB award damages?

No. Never have and never will. We do not have the authority to do this.

What happens if I fail to appear at the CRB?

If you are the one who filed the protest, the case will be dismissed. If you are the protested party, the case will be heard without you. Decisions against you are NOT automatic. There have been cases where the protested party failed to show and the protestor lost. However, you will receive a Letter of Reprimand for failure to appear. If you fail to appear again during the next calendar year a harsher penalty will be assigned.

In closing I will share this . . . in each case I have heard regarding abusive nerfing the general consensus of the Board was “If ya get caught, move over”!

Reese King, Marshal
IDRA Competition Review Board