New 2017+ Raptor +2.5 Fenders & Bedsides From FiberwerX - Available Now!


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New +2.5" Fenders and Bedsides available now for 2017+ Raptors
February 28, 2019 (El Cajon, CA) -- Ford's 2nd generation Raptor faced the same clearance issues as it's predecessor. Ford equipped these trucks with wide suspension to increase wheel travel. This added width resulted in an extremely positive offset wheel to keep the track width at a reasonable number.

The issue comes when trying to add aftermarket wheels. The vast majority of aftermarket wheels have zero offset (wheel mounting surface is dead center). Add zero offset wheels to a Raptor, and you've got 2-3" of added track width per side.

We've addressed this issue by creating a bolt on pair of fenders and bedsides that are 2.5" wider per side. One of the main goals for these fenders was the ability to utilize the oem inner liners (Front & Rear). To accomplish this, we've only raised the wheel well 1.5". This minimal rise is just enough for the added clearance, while at the same time allowing you to tuck the oem liner into our fenders. Pick up some of our fenders and bedsides, and get those 37's & nice wheels you've been wanting!