New and in Michigan


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Aug 19, 2018
Shelby Township, MI
Hello all,
I graduated college and moved out to southeast Michigan for work back in December and since then I have bought a 79 K1500 to keep me busy. The end goal for me is to run 40s with linked mid travel, probably a gm 14 bolt rear, Dana 60 front, np205 and nv4500 or maybe zf6 powered by a 12 valve. Bulged fenders too.
That said, I currently have the stock np203 full time with the part time conversion, gm 10 bolt front and 12 bolt rear, open diffs, and 31 inch tires moved by an sm465 and 350 motor. I’ve had it almost a month now and have just went through the interior and basic mechanicals on the outside of the motor because of the old age.
I’ve never truly gone wheeling but enjoy fabrication- I came from MA where I built a traditional hot rod 1930 coupe frame-off in a carport. I split wishbones, patches the bottom 2 feet all the way around, fabricated flathead motor mounts, boxed frame, pedal mounts, 1946 dash, etc. No help from anyone on that build, but when I was searching for a motor, I met a hotrod shop that I ended up working off and engine at, and then working with for almost 2 years.
I am mainly looking for more locals to Michigan, as I have not been able to meet much people over here. I am trying to get into TIG (besides just general off roading), but have no facility, as I currently just rent an apartment. Advice welcome, and thanks for reading.