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For those of you that attended the Baja 1000 event at the Petersen Museum in LA last September, you may remember the event's organizer, Marty Fiolka, mention that he was writing a book about the Baja 1000. He said then it would be released in mid-2001. I received the latest Classic Motorbooks flier in the mail yesterday and it was advertised for $39.95, saying it would be available 12/15/01. It's supposed to be 10"x10", hardcover, with about 150 pages(pretty steep price, imho). I decided to order it anyway so I called last night, credit card in hand. When I mentioned what I wanted, the lady on the phone said, "Uh oh, that one's on backorder and we don't expect it to be available until June 2002!" Oh well....I guess we'll have to wait awhile longer for it. I hope it's worth the wait. Ivan's truck is on the cover.

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To all of the Baja 1000 Enthusiasts on

This is Marty Fiolka, and yes, I am the one who organized the "1000 Miles to Glory" night at the Petersen Museum last September. It's true, I am also the one who has worked on the "1000 Miles to Glory" book for the past four years -- and it is coming out in Spring, 2002.

Please accept my sincerest apologies on the premature launch via MBI Publishing and The simple truth is that the book has taken a lot longer to research and produce than we first suspected. To compile statistics, write about the great Baja stories and look over more than 15,000 related photographs to find the best art is more than a little time consuming.

All of this work is coming together into a book that the whole industry and sport should be very proud of. It is going to be 10" x 10" hard bound coffee table book. It features the most spectacular vintage and modern photography we could find (over 300 images are being used), as well as the most influencial cars and people in the race's 34 year history. The book is a true labor of love, and I hope all of you will enjoy the final product.

For those interested, there is a 1000 Miles to Glory history video (and DVD) now available through

Viva Baja!