New Carolina Growler uni-body purchase.


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As you all know Nate and I are building a Desert Racer/Rock Crawler from a 1962 Ford M151.

We decided we wanted two.

So this time we purchased a brand new M151 uni-body to convert.

Nice thing is we won't have to strip all the paint or do any magor body welding this time around.

No break down or 40 year old bolts to fight with...well worth the $4,500.00
built on the standard Ford design that we wanted.

Carolina Growler purchased the design from Ford back in the late 1980's and has been building them ever since.

Their is a New modern M151 being built this year for Military service so Carolina Growler is no longer a big joke to Military vehicle purists...LOL

We should get the new Growler in about ten days.

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