New cars/new programs for 2018


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I’m already excited for the 2018 racing season, even though I have a brand new baby boy (our first child) due in February so I’ll be very lucky if I make it to Parker or even the Baja 500.

I’m always anxious to see who is racing where and what every new year. If there’s new cars or trucks built, guys moving up in classes, running different schedules, teaming up, or selling/buying their cars. What’s your plan for 2018? Here’s a few things I’ve seen that most of you probably know by now:

Andy Mcmillin in a brand new Mason TT breaking off from TSCO. I’m assuming it’s 2wd but not sure.

Bryce racing Dakar with Mini which is pretty cool. Also having a 4wd TT that’s been in the works by Huseman (I believe) for a while now. Is it done? When will it test? When is the debut? It’s been since before last summer.

Wilson’s have a brand new generation Jimco they’ve been putting together but not much info on when it will debut.

Davis’ bought the Chuck Hovey single seat Jimco Champion.

Pdailey selling his 10 car.

I heard Pflueger has a new truck being built

That’s about all I know. Interested though if there are more 4wd builds coming soon.

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Baldi Racing has trucks being built in house and considering their class 1 is one of the best looking ever in my opinion, I am looking forward to see what they do with a truck design.

While we aren't a race team, we support not only desert racing, but motorcycle racing, rally car racing and sand drag racing every year in Nevada , California, Utah and Arizona.

As a result, we have some 2018 vehicle build plans:

We have goals for a new support trailer that will operate as a first aid station at the finish lines, emergency accommodations when we run out of hotel beds and an ability to haul a UTV to events. We will be having General Truck Body construct it from the ground up to meet our needs and hopefully have it in place by Vegas to Reno. It will be a hybrid of Toy Hauler, and a Cargo trailer with generator, bathroom, beds and a much needed shower!

We are hopeful that somewhere along the way, Polaris will help us acquire a Polaris General 4 seater in 2018 that we can build for fast response on courses to assess, treat and in some cases evacuate injured racers from the course or at least determine what else we need to assist. This has been a goal for a couple years and the General is a great platform for this build we think. Come on Polaris! Lets make this happen before the UTV World Championship!

Lastly towards the end of the 2018, we hope to build the next dedicated FORD safety truck. a little smaller version of the 2 we built for 2017 but will still be equipped with Medical Equipment, Extrication and Fire Suppression. Thanks to amazing sponsor support much of the build aside from the actual vehicle cost is already committed to the project. We will be building a truck going forward every year until all races other than Vegas to Reno are covered with purpose built dedicated safety trucks. Moving away from personal every day private trucks to trucks built for a reason to support these sports.

We also have some new programs that we will be offering for 2018 to help our off road family:

At all BITD events on tech day starting with the Parker 425, we will be offering short classes on a series of subjects throughout the year. Covering basic first aid, CPR and certainly a class on emergency bleeding control techniques. Fire Extinguisher training. We will also working on classes on various safety devices available to racers to help them make educated decisions on items available to them such as fire suits, restraints HNR, Helmets, Fire Systems and Fire Extinguishers. We also hope to add a fuel safety topic at some races to educate teams on fuel techniques challenges and some better practices when handling fuel. My teams will teach some topics as well as numerous subject matter experts that want to offer their knowledge to a bigger audience.

Lastly we will be working with Best in the Desert to develop and offer training opportunities to all staff and volunteers on everything from working a check point, road crossing or even how to utilize and hold a flag to effectively communicate to drivers expectations at incidents. We hope to get all of these on video throughout the year as well and offer them on you tube to anyone that wants to take the time to view them.

While we know tech days are sometimes hectic, I think most teams could send a representative voluntarily for an hour to get the information and not to mention, we will work with some sponsors of the classes to even offer some swag for those that attend!

2018 will be Motorsports Safety Solutions 10th year in operation, and we hope to take our program to the next level of professionalism in order to support all of you.


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Thank you and your staff Dave for continuing to keep us safe with better support and supplies. It would be awesome if Polaris steps up and provides your safety team with a fast response General-4. In the meantime; pass the hat at the Parker prerun for support to kick off 2018.

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Something else that was rumored last year was that Jason Voss had a brand new all carbon Racer built. I thought I saw a picture of the chassis floating around on instagram but there really hasn’t been much talk if true.

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The Husemans are still working on the 4WD truck for Bryce. I hear rumors that it will have a manual transmission also!

I saw on FB that Robbie Pierce is selling his Jimco TT and having them build a new one. Now that he sold Impact to Sparco I expect we will see a lot more of him in the desert.

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In the class 5 bubble, I’m just about done with a new class 5 built by Jakes Fabworks. It’s been a year in the making but I can honestly say it’s my dream build.

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Congrats on your first born. At that time you'll be lucky to sleep let alone attend some races.


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Sexy Ben


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car looks cool.i just wondering what it weighs?
Not sure exactly Eversen was trying to keep it at or under 2200lbs wet with a spare tire. I can’t tell u the amount of thought and weight consciousness that went into every tube. Also for service and race maintenance to keep things easy access when having to make repairs during a race. Here she is undressed.


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I just registered for MORE Duel in the Desert the end of Jan. in Barstow. This will be the first race for the retired Will Higman's The Croc in a couple of years, and will be my first race as DOR since 2014 BAP!


Chris Tobin

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Didn’t the last diesel TT get converted to two LS-based gas engines?
I think it did... Are there any TTs currently running that are diesel powered?

Baja Bryan

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The Baldi class 1 was built by Allen and Extreme Performance. They mostly do sand cars but that class 1 came out really nice.. Still cant wait to see what Parkhouse can do with the new Jimco class 1