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New Chenowth owner

What's the best electronic ignition for a VW engine?

  • Pertronix Flamethrower 3 kit

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  • Pertronix Flamethrower 3 billet distributer

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  • Pertronix Flamethrower 2

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  • Mallory

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  • One I don't know about?

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Turbo Dog

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Thanks to Swift Racing (very nice guy) I was able to buy their Chenowth DR2 pre-runner. It's my first off road car, only had motorcycles before.

The required info:
* I was introduced to desert racing by my cousin, he's on this forum somewhere
* I found this website because of him building a Class 11 bug
* Just starting to play with the Chenowth, learning VW engines, and will probably be selling off a few trail bikes, the motorcross bike is already long gone...just slowing down a bit as I age
* I'm not sure that I really plan for the future, it seems to come along with a plan all by itself
* My days are spent analyzing, tuning, and emissions testing engines on the natural gas pipeline. I love engines so it's like getting to play all day long. Even better is the fact that the big ones have a port in the combustion chamber that allows me to connect a pressure transducer and map the combustion process.


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I don't run it much around Laramie other than for some tuning...it gets hauled everywhere. Thanks for the links.
We were wondering if there was much off road racing or racers in WY. My kid is going to college in Rock springs and we have seen some trucks with the Pre runner look but no real talent. But at least some know the look ha.

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