New Class 6200 in Best in the Desert


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Within 2 years 6200 will be a class 10 size car with a spec sealed v8 I predict.
Just like petes xrs, lighter weight with limited power and go faster.

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Bdub said:
Oh no there will always be one fast enough just never cheap enough anymore. Oh and I know you have not been competitive in class 10 for many years now. But if you think a bad arse sequential gearbox does not have an advantage over a h pattern box in class 10 you need to put down the crack pipe lol. The 10 car you used to help with would not stand a chance today(even with the great driver it had and it was not you it was the TRI car right). Unless your like some and just cruise around and win because everyone else broke. Like they say I guess slower is faster hunh Walker j/k. What I thinks funny though is people like you that cannot afford or choose not to spend a 100k + to run a class one or 10 are against a true budget class with specs to keep cost way low. Why how would it hurt you.

Bdub, I'm not sure exactly what your trying to say here.
You should check my friend Jon Walkers race stats before slinging mud.
Do you even know Jon?
Please reach out and say hi sometime.

RACES are on Saturday's, NOT THURSDAYS!!!!!