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John Bitting

I am working on 2 new skunkz this week a Porter built Trophy Truck and a Serious high dollar prerunner similar to Dane Cardones and one product feature of a new Chevy long travel front end that Baker Motorsports is building.. I also did a shop feature of Fox Shocks that I am gonna post

I wanted to get some feedback from you guys about what you want to see. Do any of these projects I am working on interest the readers. I have tons of new vehicles to skunk, products and shops to feature just did not know if it was a waste of my time publishing it on here.


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"Do any of these projects I am working on interest the readers"

Those all seem pretty boring to me I would like to see the big F350 trucks that really haul ass with all the chrome and super swampers.

I think thats where its at! Who cares about a Trophy Truck!

WAJ! :)

Of course we wana hear about those! Thats cool John keep up the great work!

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I would love to see high quality fab work such as the possible mentioned skunkz. Please bring on as many as possible we appreciate them all.

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Ya...Leaf springs and lift blocks!!!
The old ones are good cant think of anything to change...keep them coming


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Anything with a "RCD" logo would interest me!!! NOT!!!! Oh wait did I say that or just think it?

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Hey John I'm always lookin forward to reading a new skunk, the skunkz always kick ass

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Hell yeah brother! Bring on the Skunkz!!!!!

Shop tours, product features and personality profiles would be a smokin' addition to RDC.

NOTHING you and the "Boyz" do is a wate of time. I fully appreciate all of your efforts!

Lookin' forward to LOTZ of new eye candy!

Tony B.

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Awhile back there as a thread talking about how to turn this into more of a "for-profit" site for you and the other guys. Maybe you guys are already going down this path but the skunkz would be a great way to run "feature ads" for companies willing to pay for the "free" advertising they're getting from you all. Just a thought.

Bring on the skunkz!



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"Maybe you guys are already going down this path but the skunkz would be a great way to run "feature ads" for companies willing to pay for the "free" advertising they're getting from you all."

The fee comes in the forms of hooks up my brotha...better then cash!!

Bring all those skunkz on...I like what I hear

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as much new stuff you can do will always be appriciated. the site kicks @$$ already and the more awsome articles, features ,whatever will make it even better. its always fun to look at the skunkz and dream about one day having an unlimited budget to build an awsome ride


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John- You and Klaus really provide a huge service to the offroad community, the skunkz are great. I like all that stuff. What ELSE would I like to see? If it ever comes up and is doable, maybe a feature on a vintage offroad racer from the past. Many folks don't even know what the old school was like. There has to be some old 8 trucks that Walker or Ivan drove floating around. I remember a guy down in Anza Borrego told ne he had one of the old Big Oly Bronco's. I don't want to sweat you guys, but it would be cool.

Thanks for all the work.

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Who wouldn't want to see new Skunkz and shop tours?? I love the Skunkz, and have been awiating new ones, happy to hear they are coming soon. You know we all love what you and Klaus do here, this site just keeps getting better and better. You guys rock!

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John Bitting

Martin, I am two steps ahead of you. Just trying to get permission from the big man to shoot them. Two old school trucks. My thoughts were the same to show some of the new guys like myself what it was like to race with "state of the art" trucks way back when..


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Bring it on John, because if you dont do it, someone else will and capitalize on it.

Plus I need more ideas to use/steal for my F-150 :)



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Sounds great John. I've really been hoping for a new Skunkz, you guys always line up the sweetest cars.

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Everything sounds great and has been great !

I think one cool addition would be a monthly feature on a certain team/driver and thier car(s).
We got guys from SCORE , MDR, CODE , etc. , thats a bunch of teams that would love the exposure and support.

Then make them run "Race-Dezert.Com" stickers !!! J/K ! I think most guys would anyway !

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The most skunkz the better :) It would also be cool if you had some sort of "Yellow Pages" on here with a listing of fab shops address and phone numbers. I would also like to see interviews of racers, how they got started, etc.

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Jason, isn't that kinda what the linkz section is? I guess you could list out the shops and their numbers, but I don't think people are that lazy that they can not simply click on the name of the shop and then get the number.....

Keep of the excellent work John, Klaus and Gabe and keep the pictures coming. I'm always looking for a way to distract me from my homework/work!!

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