New Diff?


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After hearing of this thing being out there, how long do you think before someone makes one of these for an off-road swingaxle transmission? It looks like it would completely eliminate axle issues. What type of articulation do you think these would be able to achieve? At $2000 it would add to the already outrageous trans prices. What are other people thoughts? | Billet CV spool conversion with Axles

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the way the rules are written for SCORE, it doesnt seem to be in violation of them. It would just violate your wallet.

Type 1bug,
4 speed swing axle only. Heavy-duty side plates and differential allowed. Stock VW type1-
ring and pinion ratios only (8.33 and 8.35). Stock VW Type 1 gears only. Closed ratio 3rd
and 4thgears allowed.
Axle over tubes permitted.
Other internal modifications are optional.


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But by going to a 930 CV rather than the paddles and fulcums, travel will be increased. Tubes have been modified before, but the fulcrum axle is what stops more travel. This eliminates that issue.


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Yes it would. Axles that twist! I think the issues with the spool aren't as bad with the swing as they are with the IRS set-up, but costs for trans with this set-up would surpass a built bus I think. When do you simply say switch to type 1 IRS like the 11s run?

brad inch

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cool,but these cars all ready have allot of camber ,more travel would not be a good thing.but at the same travel they have now it would be cool to see how they would work.