New(er) Chevy A-arm (Lift) question...


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Actually it applies to older Chevys too- Thanks for the pics Steve, did the 2.5" air-bumped equipped truck work A LOT better than the other? Worth the extra $$? Also, (if you know (others opinions too please)) I have 35's, would you say that spindles are a must w/ glass- but still fender-welled Chevys, or would the 3" lift coils do it without having to limit more than inch w/airbump or coilover. Anybody experimented with spindles and softer say 2" coils, stock coils& spindles, any input? Is a coilover worth the extra $? Kreg, others, experienced opinions please!!!!

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Derek, Yeah the setup with the King and airbump worked alot better. I'd say it was worth the money. After selling the Fabtech kit and shocks, I only had to come up with a few hundred more bucks and some long weekends. I had a softer spring in it so it sat low and wide with the spindles. It was probably equal to a 2in lift spring and then the 3in spindle. But I was only able to tuck 33s. With the low stance. Even with 33's and the glass I still had to cut some of the fender. I was still able to save the inner fender wells. I have pics of the truck at full bump with the tires on so you can see how much space I had left in the fender. Let me know if you wanna see.

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