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new features


New user control panel
Users can now add favorite threads and forums to watch. Also post reminders allow users to remind themselves to reply to a certain post. View users from their address book that are currently online and more from a central control panel.

Mail post to a friend
Allows a registered users to email a post to a friend.

Notify moderator
Registered users can notify the moderator of a post on the forum if they think it needs special attention.

Print Post or Thread
Users have the option of bringing up a printer friendly page of a single post or an entire thread.


just added another hack:

you no longer need to use the [ url ] or [ email ] markup to have clickable links.
just typing w w w . whatever . com > <A target="_blank" HREF=http://whateverdomain.com>http://whateverdomain.com

( all without the spaces of course)

This will be enough for weblinks and for email simply type the complete address like

this should make live a little bit easier I hope.