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Hey everyone,

Always lurked here for years but never posted really. My name is Michael Gonzalez. I'm 24 living in San Luis Obispo and working as an engineer for Mob Armor.

My dad, Ramiro Gonzalez, used to race class 7s desert in SCORE and also short course back in the Mickey Thompson and CORR series. He is now building a class 7 for CODE.

I helped him build our second sand rail starting when I was 10. It is now a turbo subaru 2.5 AWD 4 seater with 24" travel on all corners.

We also helped me build up a 2008 ranger edge with a mid travel front end with 12" travel. Once I started college, I sold it to build a 2009 ranger 4x4.

This time we did our own long travel front arms getting around 13" of 4x4 travel and also put a national leaf pack with flipped shackles and a spooled 9" getting 14" travel with no holes in the bed.

Now I have a 1968 F-100 ranger I want to make into an 4x4 IFS/IRS 5.3 4L80e truggy on 39s.
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