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New General Tire TROPHYLITE video....


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Everyone, check out our new General Tire TROPHYLITE video. Thanks John Tuba for the great work.



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Good PR for your trucks, but were you looking up at the Tecate Girls on the balcony or should your tele-promptor have been next to the camera? Just asking!

Scott had a blast driving the new R-8 and we were both awed by the RDC Family rooting on the 1802 and the 7 truck to just finish the race. I think 213,xxx hits on RDC was a new record......

Elk Hunter

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Nicely done.


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I was asking Travis about rental stuff because me and a buddy were talking about trying a TL next year. Video makes me want to do it now! Great vid.



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Good shots and informative....seems like you guys got a good thing going, enjoy!


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great vid... pretty frustrating not being in one anymore... hopefully soon though!


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Wow really cool vid. Tuba is one of the best at these vids. Now we wait for Pistol's BL video...