New glass install....


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I got all new front glass for my 94 ranger from glassworks last week. I put the fenders last sat. and they fit very good, now I going to be putting the 2 pin hood on. I already am running a two pin and the front post are welded on. I got the old hood already drilled and ready to install used so I have never installed one myself. I was wondering the best way of instlling it drill the hood hinges first and do the pins last? Also what is the best way to figure hole location measure front to back and side to side? How do you get the bolts to come out the drilled holes tie a string around them and pull them out? I am just curios what you guys would do since I cant lay the hood flat on truck because the posts will interfer with getting it all lined up good. Or maybe should I cut the posts off and reweld new ones after I get the hinge part on?
thanks anyone