New Goal = Desert Racing


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After watching the Dezert People video yesterday, my new lifelong goal is to race in the Baja 1000. I know thats a pretty big goal coming from a midwest short course racer, but before I expire I want to be part of that race in some sort of fashion. Even if I just get out there some year and help someone with pit support, I think it would be a blast. HOEKER and I were talking last night about how much fun it would be to go out there and help out. He said he may go as early as next year. I really admire all you guys that race in the desert. I know what we put our trucks and buggies through in a 15 minute short course race, and you guys are going 250, 500, even 1000 miles!! Absolutely incredible. I don't think I put on 1000 miles hauling to and from the races last year. That's crazy!!

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Bill Schmitt


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Bill- the desert is addicting, but I have done both and I can tell you there is nothing like racing wheel to wheel in the dirt...You occassionally get to do it in the desert, but it is what short course is all about. I love it all and thats why I do both. Many of us are just competitive by nature and will race anything we can. If you guys want to come out and get involved, it should be no problem, just let pretty much anyone know when you are coming and you will be able to hook up with a car for support. We never turn people away that wantto get dirty.


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