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New guy, building a 700hp 79' Bronco.


Hello, I've been lurking on RDC for a long time and finally made an account.

I'm building a 1979 Bronco, I've had it since I was 16. It started as more of a mud/trail oriented build but has slowly evolved and is now aimed at more of a go-fast direction. I got into four wheeling from my father, I grew up wrenching on his 79 Bronco. I'm an Active duty USAF Crew Chief on F15E Strike Eagles, have spent more than 2 years overseas and am currently deployed. Soon to be back stateside and have never been more excited to get some work done on the Bronco!

Heres some specs/pictures of my Bronco project thus far.

700+ HP 545ci SCJ headed Stroker
rollerized C6
Twin Stick Np05
2003 F350 Dana 60/Sterling
Bloody Knuckle Garage front suspension
autofab/McQueen glass
40" Mtr's
walker evans beadlocks

Coming Soon:
Full cage/engine Cage
3.0 King bypasses front/rear
2.5 King C/O up front
2.5 King hydro bumps front/rear
Deaver leafs
Camburg +1.5" Shackles
Autofab 2-link
limit straps front/rear
full manual reverse valve body
new dominator 1250CFM

J Burleson

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Welcome! Love your bronco! I got one myself (78) I'm doing something a lil different with(top secret lol)
And thanks for your service. It's not a wonder you are putting big power in the bronco when you are used to wrenching on f15's!! My old shop was in Burlington, Vt where the f18's that patrol NYC, Boston etc are stationed. I had to walk outside everytime i heard them light up. Nothing like it!

Slippery P

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Cool rig, thank you for your service!
That beast is going to be thirsty!