new guy from arizona


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im 22 years old im from arizona i always wanted a mild prerunner so i started building a 86 c10 chevy 2wd short bed pick up at 1 time the truck was bagged on 22s 4 linked and layed frame but that got really old fast so i decided to transform that truck into a prerunner i am current looking for a front end kit for my truck front i am finding there is not any
i believe a 88-98 chevy truck a arm suspension will work may be even bolt right up i got to do more research tho as far as the rear of the truck im going to box the frame back in to make it stronger bed cage and deaver springs fiberglass bed sides

the motor is guna be a beefed up 350 i have n0t decided what the specs in the motor just yet its still being thought out

i really just want a mild prerunner that i can run up the hill at glamis so all see what happens

this is the second time i wrote in this section my last post got deleted i do not know why

this is what the truck used to look like