New Guy from NC


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Hello Everyone, My name is Scott, and I have been using the site for several years now as a guest, and finally decided to register. I am a new member to this site, but I am on other forums frequently.

I live in eastern NC, and there is not much of anything that resembles a desert within many miles. However, with that being said, I have the bug for going fast, and being able to soak up big whoops at high speed. I have been into rock crawling for years, but have never really had the opportunity to run any desert style races.

I have a 90 YJ, with locked 1-tons, 108" wheelbase, on 42's bla bla bla, that thing is built for going slow on the local southeast trails ( mostly wet granite). I also have a 94 4Runner which is the main reason I decided to finally man up and join the site. It has been my DD for years, and is starting to have some ongoing problems, and is about to go under the knife.

A little background on me....

I'm 23, I work a full time job, installing moisture control systems in crawlspaces of houses ( its so humid out here, we get rid of the mold growing underneath houses), and have been working with the same company since I was 13, when I started there working summers while in school. I also am a full time student, and I'm at school every night until about 10. I go to school for welding and machining, and currently have two TIG AWS certifications, and I am currently testing for my AWS Mig and Stick certifications.

I look forward to being able to get to know everyone on here, as well as being able to post up my process of building my 4runner.