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Hi all, so after several years, I've finally made a profile.

I am not new at all to the long travel scene, I grew up in it here in lovely El Paso Texas. Wether it be racing dirt bikes or running in my beamed/caged c10. What I am new at is these racing classes, that can't agree with each other between different associations, pita. I've finally decided to build/buy a truck so I can race legally. I'd love to compete in one of the shorter score races. But I've been leaning more towards the snore or bitd.

I am leaning towards a 1450 (linked) truck. But as I read the rules, maybe it's because I'm stupid, but I want to know from each racing association is frame required, engine/trans/diff requirements, all that.

I have a bms bulkhead with uppers, lowers and uprights sitting in my shop that I plan on using. I'm fine with having a section of frame, preferrably under cab section. When required to use some frame, is the rear half allowed to be flipped upward for clearance, or must it be factory and maybe notched if allowed?

What class would it be considered to run a forced induction or not gas engine, tt front end, linked with a steel cab lol.

I want a f100, so steel cab is what I want. I have a blown big block ready to roll.

I keep getting side tracked by old posts on here with people arguing how class 8 should be so I don't know what's what. If you could, what is a steel cab open engine, suspension class with preferably tube chassis but needing some frame is necessary. Pardon my ignorance, but I'm tired of conflicting/old posts and rules.

jon coleman

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1400. i did 1450 sportsman, ( cheaper entry), it was steel cab, that was about it, and your normal score safty score tech stuff& cls rules should help.