New Helmet Visor Cleaning System for Racing Baja


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Hey guys-

I wanted to share this new accessory that I found and am representing that is the perfect "tool" to keep your visor clean while racing off road. I found this system that was originally (designed for motorcycles) out of Scotland, but works really well racing off road. As many of you experienced racers know, using a microfiber handed off from your co-driver is effective and works, but it's not always the ideal method. My experience racing over the years and dealing with FOG, RAIN, DUST, MUD, BUGS etc. seems to make it difficult to see clearly. This system that slides over your left glove allows you to blade water away with one stroke. It also cleans your visor with as wet sponge integrated on the hand (under the rubber blade) to remove debris.

My feeling after testing this unit is I wouldn't say it is ideal in the dry dusty conditions, but it works wonders in the fog and rainy conditions. It also is a great addition to the microfiber when you wipe your visor with the wet sponge and wipe again with the microfiber when you just want a clean visor.

I can remember during a Baja 500 race I was driving in one year that it was really foggy on the coast. My co-driver was handing me the microfiber constantly while ringing out all of the water. My visor was difficult to see out of and my hands were soaking wet. This system will allow you to blade away the water as much as you prefer with one pass and keeps your hands dry. You don't even know it is on your glove while driving either, it is very comfortable and compact. you can do everything you would normally do in the truck, even change a tire!

This system works well with the UTV drivers also.

As you know, all of us are always trying to find new ways to improve the sport and I wanted to share this with everyone out there.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these or want to learn more shoot me an email.

Glove-mounted visor-cleaning device allows bikers to wash wipe as you ride in one easy move

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