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new here with new prerunner need advice

hey guys name is jack. I built a fully custom duramax hummer h1 and when i finished the build someone offered me a pretty cool trade so i took him up on it. I know hummers but i dont know to much about prerunners. My car was built by a company called full potential offroad. its a four seater and weighs 5200lbs. king 4.0s all the way around. DOM chassis and chromoly supension. Has an m1 transmission dont know much about it need some info from you guys on it. The stall on the converter seems way off. The only bad thing about the car is it runs a 383 stroker with 12 to 1 compression. It bit slow for a car this heavy.
Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. i want to do an ls with a maggy? what do you guys think???



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Beeeaauutiful car! I would start w getting ahold of Full Potential Off-road, pick their brains, see if they can help! You would think an engine like that would MOVE that car! It looks a little neglected, maybe make sure the engine is running tip-top, wheel bearings aren't dragging? I know, stupid Q's but you have to start somewhere Maybe that M1 ISN'T what you want in there? Beautiful trans, don't get me wrong, but...yarding out a BUNCH of usually good parts & replacing them w what you want can & can't be a good decision...my 2cents

Kyle D

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I agree with everything chubs said. Learn the car. Find out what the previous owner did. THEN go for the LS!!!! You can’t go wrong with that platform in the bang for buck department. Truthfully though a 383 with the right parts should make PLENTY of power. I spent a lot of time in a pump gas 383 truck that weighed 5600 lbs and it only ran out of power on the long straights. If you’ve never done anything desert racing related I can tell you the converters do seem off and do take quite a bit of rev to get the big tires, brakes, bearing and heavy chassis moving. You gotta figure there’s a lot more rolling resistance than a street ride.
So I did a full tear down on the car and went with a super charged 5.3 l33 engine.rebuilt all the shocks and powder coated the chassis. Got bad news on the trans needs $13k worth of parts without labor. What does everyone think of the m1?

Robin Hood

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I don't know much about the M1s but there aren't many out there. In the other thread it sounded like it was going to cost you $20K to go thru it? If I read that correctly then IMO you would be better off scraping it and putting an Albins in it. Give Weddle Industries a call and talk to them about the gearbox(s).