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New House

My new house will be done next month. I am looking to support off-roaders. I will need landscaping, concrete work, crown molding work, Shutters downstairs, Inside painting. If any of you do this, I would like to support the sport first and then go to normal contractors if I have to.. Thank you in advance.
Yes, the wood floors and carpeting and tilework will all be done the week after we close. Thank you. If we decide to change anything, I will let you know.


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I work for a landscape supply company in Southern California " Hydro-Scape " .Let me know where you live and I'll see about some referrals for contractors in the area and if you want to do it yourself I can get you a good price on the material..


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Oh Geez, I know everybody but the landscape guy. If you have a set of plans, or something to go off of, it would be most helpful. From your crown, to countertops, cabinets, shutters, etc. =) Is it a tract, or a custom?


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john: most people dont know but i lead a double life. Not only am i erik the spring guy, im also erik the ceo, owner, and president of EW moving. let me know if you need a mover, ill hook you up.



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To hell with the kicker. He needs a BIGASS brick BBQ with lots of grilling area and a kegorator, so that I can take care of business at the RDC barbeques.

Wat do you think John? Am I on target?


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Considering I bought in South County and my backyard is just big enough for a bbq, I will have to go with Kris and have to skip the kicker. But my next house (5 years) will have a pool and room for a 50 track.
Jordan I appreciate the offer but the house is 3700 sq ft and we will have about 3 days from when the flooring is done and when we move in so we need a crew to knock it out. I guess the baseboards get jacked with the wood floors and carpet. Otherwise I would have did it over time room by room. Thank you for the offer though. I will add you to the bbq list for the new house. :)


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I'll take care of the pool stuff you buy the beer.When is the BBQ?



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Hey John, let me know if you need anything done with your phones - I have all the hook ups for jacks, cabling, new lines - whatever. And whatever I can't do my company can.

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I'm a professional inspector and can i get on the BBQ list also....I can only work on non-race weekends. New homes are cool....but why Cali? I got out of there......being taxed to death. Good luck with the nieghbors!
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