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Hey there, first is that I do not want to break any rules, written or implied, but I wanted to alert you that we are almost in production and make an offer.

LiquidAider is a push-button hydration system that takes the suck tube out of your mouth and replaces it with a nozzle in your helmet. The features are pretty cool and you can read about them on the website. Instagram and Facebook have photos also and videos.

Aside from enduro races, it's been used at Baja 1000, Baja 500, Mint 400, BITD UTV series and UTV world championships.

In July the first 100 production units are for magazines and top racers. If you fit that description as a top racer, or have connections in the offroad print/blog/online community that qualify you then PM me.

When we sell on the website, we'll work with RDC to offer a discount to RDC so we can support RDC and its members. We can use all the followers we can get in the meantime.

Website -- Facebook -- Instagram



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Sounds interesting. Website won’t load. How does the push button system work? Is it mounted?
Do you have photos/video of the product in action?
Sorry, website is LiquidAider push-button hydration
I'm waiting on production units to remake the videos and also film it in action. That will be July. What you see in the pictures and videos are our 3D printed working test units. The production units will be much better looking.