New Introduction


0 helps to read the rules! Hello, my name is Misha and I live in So Cal. I have been into off road racing since I was 8 years old. I have raced quads and bikes for a number of years but have never broke into vehicles. I have been an avid RDC Junkie for many years now. I have several race quads, a Rhino and a Jeep Rubicon as well as two diesel 2500HD's. I have no plans of future racing unless I win the lotto. I know entirely too much the cost of racing four wheels and I do not believe I have enough dough ($$$) to make a run at it. I once thought I did but soon discovered that I was unsuccessful. I had a poor man's class one car built for me in 2001 with dreams of racing. Like I said, I quickly was hit with the reality of the cost. I am a land surveyor and own a small surveying business that does pretty well for itself. Hell, I am lying, business sucks and I have been living off of savings for quite awhile now. I am lucky I have a smart wife that made me save when times were good, otherwise I would probably be divorced and living in my vehicle, if I still had one :). Life is good though, not much stress, I just take it as it comes. mg out!