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New Kartek Shop


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Can someone tell me where the new Kartek shop is? Their website doesn't say. Thanks.


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They have an ad in the july Dusty Times. It's now just off the 91 fwy east of the 15


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To all interested parties:
The new KarTek super store is located in the East end of Corona, next to the 91 freeway, east of the 15 interchange. The simplest way to get to the store is to exit the 91 at McKinley and turn South. Turn left (East) at Sampson, the first street a very short distance South of the freeway. Continue East on Sampson until you see Benjamin, the easiest way to find the street is to look for the Lavey Craft boat dealer on the corner. Turn left (North) at Benjamin and go to the end of the street and turn right on Ragle Way. KarTek is located on the left side of the street. This is probably the easiest way to get there.