New Kreger Car Race Pics


Dakar Finisher
We had a successful race result with the new car. We had our share of goofy new car down time but all in all the new Kreger car preformed excellent and we learned a lot. We were not pleased with our finishing position but felt a sense of accomplishment just finishing this rough race right out of the box. Here are a few pics.
Will Higman



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Those are some nice pics there! Looks like you guys were having a great time.

Speed Safely


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looking good! at least you guys learned something and finished your first time out in a new unfamiliar car. Im sure that you guys will do better at the next race!

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Nice Jump for Old Farts!!!



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I've seen cars go off that jump, and thats some good air... Glad to hear you guys did good. Saw the Car go by on the pavement Hwy 3, Looked good !!!!!!


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Ilove the look of that car and I have some new wallpaper for my computer thanks to that sweet air shot

everyone thinks they are superman when the camera is pointed at them...untill they land!!!


Krittro Campbell
me too. it replaced Herbst truggy

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Dakar Finisher
Thanks to everyone on the board who took the time to respond. We are really excited to be back into racing after a five year absence. We think that we will do well with this fine piece of equipment. Please take the time to say hi when you see us at future races.
Will Higman
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